Remodeling Bathrooms Kitchen Countertops & More

That new home feeling can fade quickly. People react to that change in different ways. When this happens, there are some who choose building a new home as a remedy. Others choose to remodel. Out of all these choices, remodeling seemed to make the most sense for my family. It was a lot of work but we're happy with the results and with the Shelving O'Fallon MO remodeling company that helped us.

Our bathroom was in dire need of a revamp. The grout was deteriorating and some of the tiles were loose. We had some big decisions to make, but fortunately we had a great remodeling company working with us. Would we want granite countertops? What about quartz cabinets? These were just two of the decisions we'd have to make. Also, would we want to match the bathroom materials with the kitchen cabinets and the rest of our home's design?

We decided to have each room have its own design and materials. The company installed granite countertops. We also wanted a an oak vanity with granite trim to compliment the countertop. In the kitchen, the remodeling company installed quartz tabletops and ceramic for the floor.

The whole remodel took a few months. Our kitchen and bathroom cabinets and countertops look wonderful.

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